We are using the below API to fetch data based on dates:


but the above API does not provide all the data as it is missing below report numbers based on different dates and all these report numbers are for older data means it should be present using the above API call.

2016493-2023-190093, 2518435-2023-00011, 2518435-2023-00014, 2518435-2023-00020, 2518435-2023-00021, 2518435-2023-00022, 3014663932-2023-00005, 3014663932-2023-00006, 3014663932-2023-00010, 3014663932-2023-00011, 3005520039-2023-00001

however the above report numbers are present when we search on below:


Kindly help.

Thanks, Shailendra Jetpuria

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openFDA updates the device event endpoint roughly quarterly, so the early July records are not in the current dataset. We are due for an update soon though, so that data should be available in the very near future.


Violet Wren

openFDA Tech Lead


Device Event dataset updates weekly. This issue should now be fixed. Please review.

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