I am looking for a 3-dimensional valued dataset to test my tri-clustering method. I hope to find something like a movie rating database with dimensions for user-movie-genre and ratings depending on both movie and genre (e.g. user rates the movie as a 5-star horror, 3-star thriller, or 1-star comedy).

Any fields will do. Only the structure of the data is important.

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A good place to start looking for datasets is the Machine Learning Repository from UCI.

There are a few datasets that stand out for your method. Although they may not match exactly, you may get some ideas.

You can use the table columns "Default Task", "Attribute Types", and "# Attributes" to help narrow down more possible data sets.


You can find clustering datasets that are publicly available by googling. Here are a few more:

KEEL - http://sci2s.ugr.es/keel/datasets.php

ResearchGate Forum / Do you know any free large-scale dataset for clustering? - http://www.researchgate.net/post/Do_you_know_any_free_large-scale_dataset_for_clustering

University of Illinois - Intelligent Data Set - http://uisacad2.uis.edu/dstar/data/clusteringdata.html

University of Koln - http://www.uni-koeln.de/themen/statistik/data/cluster/

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