I'm looking for an English language corpus that doesn't include profanity or "unpleasant" words to generate easy to remember passwords and other strings for users. Does anybody know of such a thing?


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This positive words text file posted by a user on GitHub. It contains 2000+ positive English's words.

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    Good start, but "misspelled words appear" in this list (it seems to be from social media) and 2000 is very short. There are at least ~750k words in English!
    – kontextify
    Jul 26, 2023 at 3:18
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    Perhaps it's very short because it embraces a particular notion about what constitutes an "unpleasant" word. Without a clear explanation of what you mean by "unpleasant", it's going to be hard for anyone to recommend a list. Take a word like "pulchritude". Would that be acceptable to you. To many people, it is one of the most horrible sounding words in English, but it is a synonym for "beauty" Jul 30, 2023 at 8:08

The Electronic Frontier Foundation actually publishes wordlists that fit my requirements. Among other criteria for the lists:

We manually checked and attempted to remove as many profane, insulting, sensitive, or emotionally-charged words as possible, and also filtered based on several public lists of vulgar English words (for example this one published by Luis von Ahn).

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