I am searching for datasets of legal correspondences between for example lawyers. For example, a response to a complaint from an airline customer.

Preferably the legal basis should be with respect to the European Union. I got the hot tip of searching at public institution, but could not find any.

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Lawyers read things into the public record all the time, which can then be retrieved by a FOIA or similar request, or can simply be retrieved from public websites.

For example, while not directly sent by lawyers, all of the code enforcement letters posted here address particulars of law and sound exactly like letters from lawyers. (Look for enforcement-letters-issued.xlsx.) It comes with categorical metadata describing the one-or-more specific laws relevant to a municipality's situation.

Train a language model on the repeatedly used phrases, and use that to focus your google searches.

  • thanks, do you know an equivalent for european law ? Commented Jul 6, 2023 at 11:06

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