For a research article, I am currently looking for a small, self-contained email dataset.

The reason I'm saying small, is because many email datasets I've found so far contain a large amount of emails. Examples include the Enron dataset (about 500 thousand emails), the Jeb Bush dataset (290 thousand emails), and the Hillary Clinton dataset (30 thousand emails).

For the purposes of the research I'm conducting, I need much smaller e-mail datasets. One of the things I could do I extract a small sample from these larger datasets, but then coherence between and theme among these messages might be lost somewhat.

I am therefore looking for self-contained, small, English, public datasets consisting of at most 50 emails, preferably even smaller (around 25 emails). The idea behind the research project is to formulate a model that can describe the different relations between such emails (both their metadata and their textual contents), and to illustrate this model with a visualization of the emails and the relations among them (topical, causal, entity-based, etc.).

What I mean by self-contained is that the e-mails sent and received within a certain period don't have any follow-up e-mails after that period on that case or topic. So it's a collection of e-mails that is sort of sealed off, the case is closed so to speak.

Question: are there any self-contained, public, English datasets that consist of fewer than 50 emails?



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