I am trying to calculate distance between postcode in Sweden. But Sweden is changing post codes every year since 2012, and no an open database is up-to-date.

(Source : Here : https://www.postnummerservice.se/nyheter/postnummeraendringar-mars-2023)

Sources found with full addresses but not up to date:

Seems up-to-date but can't find a downloadable source: https://www.worldpostalcodes.org/l1/en/se/sweden/profile/postalcode/170-62 https://postal-codes.cybo.com/search/?q=170+62&pl=&i=&t=

The only up-to-date source seems to be: https://www.postnummerservice.se/ It is even used by https://www.postnord.se/ as only source of truth But is not free


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