In the USA, the NHANES datasets are collected by the Center for Disease Control (CDC, the national public health institute in the United States). It represents a random sample of US residents.

Conveniently in R these are already available in the NHANES package, containing 2009/2010 data. (I have recommended this in previous answers here).

In NHANES, there are 10000 rows and 76 columns: ID, SurveyYr, Gender, Age, AgeDecade, AgeMonths, Race1, Race3, Education, MaritalStatus, HHIncome, HHIncomeMid, Poverty, HomeRooms, HomeOwn, Work, Weight, Length, HeadCirc, Height, BMI, BMICatUnder20yrs, BMI_WHO, Pulse, BPSysAve, BPDiaAve, BPSys1, BPDia1, BPSys2, BPDia2, BPSys3, BPDia3, Testosterone, DirectChol, TotChol, UrineVol1, UrineFlow1, UrineVol2, UrineFlow2, Diabetes, DiabetesAge, HealthGen, DaysPhysHlthBad, DaysMentHlthBad, LittleInterest, Depressed, nPregnancies, nBabies, Age1stBaby, SleepHrsNight, SleepTrouble, PhysActive, PhysActiveDays, TVHrsDay, CompHrsDay, TVHrsDayChild, CompHrsDayChild, Alcohol12PlusYr, AlcoholDay, AlcoholYear, SmokeNow, Smoke100, Smoke100n, SmokeAge, Marijuana, AgeFirstMarij, RegularMarij, AgeRegMarij, HardDrugs, SexEver, SexAge, SexNumPartnLife, SexNumPartYear, SameSex, SexOrientation, PregnantNow

As you can see many questions are quite specific (UrineVol1) and personal (SexNumPartnLife).

Are there any datasets comparable to this,? Similar column-definitions, similar survey method, but for other countries? I am mainly interested in EU countries. Like a GapMinder dataset but for health data, and on an individual level.

(Note to self: check answers to Q Various country Statistics Q


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