I would like to create an URL, that shows me all reports from the MAUDE database from December with the product key 'MQB'. I created the this URL as an attempt:


I have also tried without the hyphens between the year, month and day, so: ...[20221201+TO+20221231]&limit=1000.

Both behave the same, they display all reports from all months. The date limit doesn't really apply.

Has anyone had the same or a similar problem?

The syntax of the query is described on the official site, here.


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You need to use AND if you wish to have both be true. For example, this link show one device recall.

The two basic uses of search are:

  • search=field:value+AND+field:value for records that match both values.
  • search=field:value+field:value for records that match either of the values.

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