Given that he has banned the Twitter account that tracked his private jet, I wondered if anyone knew where the account got its data from.

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The new microblogging account is on Mastodon:


However, the data is and always has been coming from https://ADSBExchange.com

While free to see on the website, ADSBExchange's data is not actually strictly open in API nor download form:

Commercial Usage Terms

As noted in the legal terms and conditions, commercial (for profit or non-profit organization) use requires written authorization from ADS-B Exchange. This is necessary to ensure operating this site remains financially viable and continues to provide unfiltered global tracking services.

Commercial users are required to contact ADSBexchange for a commercial data license agreement. While our pricing is far less than other “big” providers, the technical infrastructure for running a site of this scale does require ongoing funds to support it.

No bulk resale or redistribution is permitted without consent from ADSBexchange.com.

Global low latency access is available with a commercial usage agreement.

  • There is also a sub Reddit that is doing this as well
    – Joe W
    Commented Dec 18, 2022 at 16:27

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