Australia has recently published high resolution surface mineral maps using data from ASTER see here. Does anyone know of similar free products available world-wide?

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The US government portal for this data is mrdata from from USGS: Mineral Resources On-Line Spatial Data. They also include some world maps with a list of external databases.

In particular you may be interested in the Mineral Resources Data System (MRDS).

enter image description here

In addition to interactive maps, they also offer a list of API web-services.

Just a couple of the services:


In addition to Phil's answer I have found two other resources.

GLiM is a 0.5 degree grid of surface rock properties. The categories here are very broad,

AD Alluvial deposits

DS Dune sands

EV Evaporites


There is also OneGeology which is a collection of geological surveys from different countries that can be viewed in a single portal. The drawback of OneGeology is that there is no single file format with consistent fields and scale etc. It is just a collection of separate resources.


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