In R:

I have a sample (y) of length 1e4.

y = sample(0:200, 1e4, replace = TRUE)

I have plugged this sample into:


However, I would like to gather samples from this function but simulate for x values from 0:200


x = 0:200

For e.g. the first iteration will be 1e4 samples of dbinom(y-0,100,0.3) which will produce 1e4 samples then the next iteration will be dbinom(y-1,100,0.3) etc up until x = 200.

This is for going to be used in getting the M = max(f(y)/h(y)) for accept-reject envelope method however since my f(y) is discrete I would like to sample for each integer value of x = 0:200 and then get the max from there.

However, I am unsure as to how to approach this as I am new to R.

Any help is much appreciated!


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idx <- 0:200
y <- sample(idx, 1e4, replace = TRUE)
lapply(idx, function(x) {
  message('x = ', x)
  dbinom(y - x, 100, 0.3)  

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