I am looking for a list of mandatory vaccines for as many countries as possible. The data set I am interested in could look like something along the following lines.

          | Chickenpox | Flu        | Shingles   |
Borduria  | True       | False      | True       |
Ruritania | True       | True       | True       |
Syldavia  | True       | True       | True       |

My motivation is to find vaccines that are mandatory in, say, Borduria, but not in neighbouring Syldavia.

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The closest I have seen to what you're looking for are listings of countries where certain childhood vaccinations are mandatory:

You might be able to infer whether a vaccination is compulsory based on coverage rates found in WHO immunization data sets:

I believe that there is significant regional variance within individual countries in terms of what is compulsory/mandatory, which would make a data set of this nature quite labour intensive to produce and maintain, which may explain why it is somewhat difficult to find this data online.

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