I want to monitor some species of trees planted in my neighborhood on OSM. It's roughly ~200 species from my first glances. Some people I'm working with have also done their own classification (hand made) for that, using plant names both in the local language and latin. But I think it's not a good practice to do such data set on our own side, because if other people communities do the same nearby, they won't exactly agree on how to write species names for example and will won't be able to combine the two data sets; there will be missing matches.

Therefore, I'm looking for a data set of plant species according to the (or one of the~) latest AGP classification. Something "official" which everybody can firmly and scientifically rely on. It especially has to have a unique identifier which is commonly accepted and recognized as such in the field of botanic around the world.

An Open API would be the Holy Grail, but I feel that I will have to download a large text file (which is ~OK, I guess) instead and do some lookup in it instead using a scripting tool.

Any ideas?



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