To preface, from what I've gathered from other questions relating to DOL, their API website links to this stack exchange site with the hashtag "labor" when attempting to contact the API team or ask any questions relating to the API.

This is the Department of Labor developer website: Department of Labor developer website

And this is the link to the documentation on how to use the API. API Beginner's guide

I'm having difficulty following the documentation and querying the information I'm interested in. In particular, I'm interested in LCA (H1-B) data, the latest data.

It seems the Department of Labor releases CSV data quarterly. This can be found here under the "Disclosure Data" section:

Department of Labor - Link to CSV for LCA

I imagine through the API, I can find the latest LCA data? If anyone knows how to query it, please let me know.

I generated an API key on the website, and I've done some basic requests, but I haven't figured out how to query the latest LCA data following the documentation. Is that even possible?

Any help would be appreciated.


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