Because sadly OpenFDA is lagging behind currently with the device-events i want to parse the Data directly from FDA-Maude Website ZIP-Files from following Files:

I have a question here which hopefully an OpenFDA-Expert can answer :)

All "foidev"-files contain the devices for the events. It seems that one event can have multiple devices associated via the MDR_REPORT_KEY, but the problem here is that the column DEVICE_EVENT_KEY in the devices csv-files is always empty, which seems like a bug to me, because the website of Maude states that this is the key of the devices.

Without this key, it is hard to write an import.

Does maybe someone have a tip for me, what is going on here, and how to cope with this ? Is it ok to only read the first device of an event, as maybe an event always has only 1 device associated?

thanks for any help


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