For a small project I would like to get the product data for IKEA products. Things like dimensions, color, assembly instructions etc.

Other parts of IKEA data (product names, item number, stock level and stores) are available in an XHR call, but I can not find the product details anywhere except inside the HTML code as a json structure inside an attribute. So lots of overhead here.

Do anyone know of an IKEA API for these details ? Or know how to get access to the new InterIkea API developer portal ?

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It looks like someone has been working on one:

Documentation on Github for Ikea API

No Idea if it works though...

  • The endpoints for these are relatively simple to find using browser inspections. But none of them give item information. The GitHub project does not really work anymore, as IKEA has changed a few things.
    – MyICQ
    Jun 8, 2022 at 6:56

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