What is the AddMatch flag in the Score Card crosswalk telling us? For example, in 2000 and 2001 Arizona State University (IPEDS unitid 104151, opeid 00105500) has Arizona State University - East campus (IPEDS unitid 420574, OPEID 001081A1) noted in the AddMatch variable. ASU East is listed in AddMatch only in 2000 and 2001. However, it's a child campus to ASU before and after those two years. In 2002, ASU-East's 8-digit OPEID changes from 001081A1 to 00108102 in IPEDS. I'm not sure what this change signifies. In the Score Card data, ASU East's OPEID was always 00108102.

ASU also has another child campus - ASU West (IPEDS unitid 407009, OPEID 00108101) during the same time period. ASU West is never listed in the AddMatch variable for ASU. I checked IPEDS and ASU East and ASU West both report data separately from ASU. They are not do not report IPEDS data as child campuses in these years (at least for the finance survey component of IPEDS). So what exactly is ASU East being highlighted in AddMatch telling me?

This is one example but this happens frequently. A parent school will have child institutions, such as a system office or medical center or child campus, that are listed in AddMatch for only a subset of years that the schools are open and not all child campuses are listed in AddMatch. Thanks in advance for your time.


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