I tried to search and get the ID of a item with a certain label: Teodor Bogdanov. I can search this name successfully through wikidata website. However, I failed to do so by searching through SPARQL. The code is here.

I also copied it here:

SELECT distinct ?item ?itemLabel ?itemDescription WHERE{  
  ?item ?label "Teodor Bogdanov".

The same thing happens for Félix Anaut

Could anyone help me fix this issue? Thank you in advance.


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SELECT distinct ?item ?itemLabel ?itemDescription WHERE{  
  ?item ?label "Teodor Bogdanov"@en .

Result: enter image description here


You can also use a DESCRIBE Query: with a wd Prefix: wd:Teodor Bogdanov<wait for autocompleter substitution> to get Q.... identifier

DESCRIBE wd:Q22277104  # Teodor Bogdanov, Volleyball player


wd:Q22277104    wdt:P569            29 January 1986 
wd:Q22277104    schema:dateModified 11 October 2022 
wd:Q22277104    schema:version      1747954437  
wd:Q22277104    wdt:P21             wd:Q6581097
and many more rows

Simliar SPARQL Query for Félix Anaut, Spanish Painter

DESCRIBE wd:Q5442128  # Félix Anaut, Spanish Painter

(Results not shown here)

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