I want to validate my glm and make a ROC curve. I get some errors which I can't resolve.

My validation of the model:

glm.pred <- predict(m.glm, newdata = df.vld, type="response")

Now I want to make a ROC curve and first I want to analyze the true positives and negatives etc and the cut-offs by using the function 'prediction' (ROCR library)

glm.pred <- prediction(glm.pred, df.vld$hoge_kosten)
(and following glm.perf <- performance(glm.pred, "tpr", "fpr"))

But there is a error when I run the first line: 'predictions' contains NA.

After excluding the NA's by trying:

glm.pred2 = na.exclude(glm.pred)

There are no more NA's in the data (in the column 'hoge_kosten' there weren't any NA's either, only 0 and 1). But when I run the same prediction code with glm.pred2 I get the error "Format of predictions is invalid. It couldn't be coerced to a list."

In the R Documentation of prediction {ROCR} it seems like lists aren't a restriction ...

Can someone help me solve this problem. Or maybe there is another way to make the ROC Curve than..

glm.pred <- prediction(glm.pred2, df.vld$hoge_kosten)
glm.perf <- performance(glm.pred, "tpr", "fpr")

ROC curve

plot(glm.perf, avg= "threshold", col="red", lwd= 2, main= "ROC curve hoge kosten") abline(0, 1, untf = FALSE, col = "lightgray", lty = 2)

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