I am looking for ways to augment/enrich latitude longitude data, to obtain for example information like this (for the EU/Europe and the UK):

  • rural/urban area
  • distance to lake/sea
  • distance to nearest town/village
  • number of restaurants nearby

I tried some basic Python code to use :

import geocoder

g = geocoder.osm([45,-75], method='reverse')

This returns:

<[OK] Osm - Reverse [Ault Drive, Ingleside, South Stormont, Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry Counties, Eastern Ontario, Ontario, K0C 1M0, Canada]>

so not useful for my use case. What else could I explore, please?

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I'm actually working on a project like this (feel free to contact me directly for more details) and here are some sources I know above and beyond OpenStreetMap:

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