I'm working on a project to track Russian troop movements in the Ukraine with a large group of people. I'm tasked with internationalizing the data.

We need a list of the top 1,000 cities in Ukraine and we need them in English, Ukrainian, and Russian. I'm hoping someone here can help me do this faster than if I were to learn it myself.

Right now I'm using https://query.wikidata.org/ because I think it has the ability to do this, but not having much luck.

Is there someone who can help me print a list of these names in 3 languages? One column per language?


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The latest census in Ukraine was in 2001. Results are published here: http://2001.ukrcensus.gov.ua and the data on cities are available here http://2001.ukrcensus.gov.ua/results/general/city/ including names.

UN Population Division publishes data on cities in World Urbanization Prospects (https://population.un.org/wup/). By a custom request they might provide more data on the cities.

UN Statistics Division (data.un.org) publishes data on cities here: City population by sex, city and city type http://data.un.org/Data.aspx?d=POP&f=tableCode%3a240

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