I'm playing around with the data.gov API and was trying to reconstruct a API request from the websearch. ex: COVID-19 datasets filtered by Texas my url looks like


and yields 36 results

But when I use just the q and ext_location parameters in the following request get a much higher result.


I understand that ext_bbox and ext_prev_extent are related to the spatial search and adding them to my requests gives me my expected results.

My question is how do I find the parameters that are accepted in package_search API ? (The CKAN documentation does not go into details here)

TLDR; How does one identify parameters that are accepted in an API request

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if you can read code, PHP code, there a client API

more precisely in:https://github.com/GSA/ckan-php-client/blob/7602dec864c25cfe5f3f96910cdaa8620ea6d57d/src/CKAN/CkanClient.php#L510

You should see here too:

By experimentation I found these parameters: https://catalog.data.gov/dataset?tags=cases &groups= &res_format= &ext_prev_extent= &ext_bbox= &q= &organization= &sort= &ext_location= &publisher= &bureauCode= &as_sfid= &as_fid=

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