I am using the openFDA NDC API. Searching and counting using the "manufacture_name.exact" field results in a status 400 bad request when passing the character "&" as part of the manufacturer name.

I am using the fetch API and JavaScript. The code is provided below; where "${manufacturer}" may be exactly: "The Procter & Gamble Manufacturing Company"

const manufacturerResponse = await fetch(`${this.ndcBaseEndpoint}?${this.apiKey}&search=openfda.manufacturer_name.exact:${manufacturer}&limit=10`)

I have reviewed this question where an answer by Nag lists the supported characters and & is not on that list.

I have tried using %26 as a replacement without success.

Is there a method to search with & inside the manufacturer name? If not, is there a reliable way to access the data which has "&" in the manufacturer's name?

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This is now fixed:


Sorry about the inconvenience.

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