I'm in need of finding a data source that I can use to create a heat map showing varying water hardness in the U.S.

I've tried the usual, i.e. usgs, epa, and I'm not able to find what I need.

I'd like to make something similar to this (I can't find the original creator so I have to make my own

enter image description here

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Water hardness is not measured by the EPA or similar sites, like MyTapWater.org, EWG etc. I'd look into private datasets from MyTapScore, who has released similar data sets.

  • Thanks. Checked into it. MyTapScore gave me access to their db, but it's a web based street by street inquiry, so that's not going to work. They also source some their data from government sources such as: SDWIS, ECHO, UCMR 4, US Geological Survey’s National Water Information System (NWIS), Environmental Protection Agency’s Storage and Retrieval data warehouse (STORET), US Department of Agriculture’s Sustaining Earth’s Watersheds - Agricultural Research Database System (STEWARDS), National Water Quality Monitoring Portal (WQP).
    – gwfami
    Feb 2 at 21:56

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