I'm doing some scientific research and I need lots of data about it.

I'm looking for a dataset which can provide me:

  • Location of the electricity power generators;
  • How many MWhs did they produce on a daily/hourly base (historical data) (optional);
  • Links between the generators. Info about which generator is connected by whom;
  • Distribution system between the generators from the first point. Info about how many MWhs were sent from Generator A to Generator B (historical data);

I know that some of this info is hard to find, I mined half of the Internet and couldn't find some of it but please if you do know where can I find or if you know a website which offers this kind of info, please do let me know so I can build the dataset myself. All I could find for now is the location of the power generators from wikipedia but if you have some other site/dataset with this kind of info, do tell me. I couldn't find info about links between the generators and how many MWhs per day/hour were sent through these links to the neighbor generator.

Thank you!

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