If the question does not go with the Cross Validated, please, kindly remove the question. As I have found people got response about dataset related question in here, that is why I am giving a post.

I have found some posts about multi-target regression in Stack Exchange, Cross validated, Kaggle, and different blogs. Most of them used randomly generated datasets to solve the problem. Some of them I found (in Kaggle) used real-life datasets and Neural Network or Deep Learning Model to solve the problem. But the dataset description or notebooks are not well commented.

Now, I want to work using some simple benchmark datasets (e.g.: 2/3/4 target variables) using common regression models like Linear, SVR, and RF, etc,. I have gone through different search keywords in Google, Stack Overflow, Stack Exchange, Google, Google Scholar, Kaggle, and GitHub, etc. Most of the time I was getting Mulan (a dataset repository). But, unfortunately, the download link on the website is not working.

I would be grateful if anyone can give me any links that included a benchmark multi-target regression dataset (and someone used basic regression ML model to solve the problem). Any idea or comments are all welcomed.

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