I'm looking to download satellite data with resolution good enough to see objects that are 10 meters in size (eg tiles that are 20m x 20m). I do not care about changes over time. I'm basically just looking at rocks and static/snapshot (one point in time) data is fine. I don't care if the data is 20 years old or new today.

I really want to be able to download all of the data, ideally as a bunch of files/images containing zoomed in views, instead of accessing bits of data via an API.

I primarily care about the USA but would be fine with data from the whole world. I'm not intending on using these data for financial gain, nor will I share with the public, so okay with data that has limitations around that type of usage.

Thank you so much for any tips!


Check out the data mentioned on this website. It e.g. mentions Sentinel with a 10m and SPOT with a 1.5m resolution.

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