I am looking for a table of flights that have been canceled.
For each canceled flight I need:

  • Date and time at which departure had been expected. Example: 2017-08-25T19:20:00Z
  • Departure airport. Example: KIX
  • Destination airport. Example: OKA
  • (optional) airline company. Example: JAL
  • (optional) flight number. Example: JAL909
  • (optional) cancellation reason. Example: weather

The more open the better, but I am OK with not-so-open databases too.
Ten years of data would be ideal, but I am OK with one year of data too.
Worldwide would be ideal, but I am particularly interested in Japan/JAL data.

Context: In Japan, flights get canceled whenever a typhoon comes close by, which happens every few weeks. Using past weather data and current weather forecast, I want to predict what flights will probably get canceled. JAL only provides data going back to the day before.


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