I'm looking for a dataset that contains number of COVID-19 cases broken down by whether the individuals are vaccinated, and if so, with which vaccine.

I'd prefer if the COVID-19 cases broken down by day and country, similarly to https://studylib.net/coronavirus:

enter image description here

(but the screenshot is missing vaccine info)

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The Swiss government just expanded their data to include infections of fully immunized people (include brand of vaccine)


enter image description here

The API notes are here:


From here https://www.covid19.admin.ch/en/overview you can also download the data as JSON/CSV

enter image description here

The URLs are changing, but you can use this curl script to download the current data: https://gist.github.com/rkaravia/36e461305bed8cf3fb62be4ea61c3325

Or see more on this page: https://opendata.swiss/en/dataset/covid-19-schweiz

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