I'm being asked to find all the information I can about US and UK customs data, but I just don't know where to search for, any suggestions?


You could submit a Freedom of Information Act Request to CBP. Here's a link with more information on how to do that.

The UK has a similar law. Here is a link to the non-specific FOI instructions for the UK. And a specific link for HM Revenue and Customs.

  • Thank you very much – armoredchihuahua Jul 21 at 23:01
  • Just one question, do you know if i have to be an us citizen to apply for this act? – armoredchihuahua Jul 21 at 23:04
  • I know for the US you are not required to be a citizen. Foreign entities make requests all the time. I am not familiar with the UK laws though. – JohnFx Jul 22 at 17:25

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