We're working on deploying CKAN on Cloud using this docker-compose network. We're not storing any datasets but only publish URLs to data resources. We would like to stand up a permanent Postgres database on Cloud (AWS) to replace the db service, but it's not clear to me how this can be done. For example, how can we point to the db endpoint, having only db name, user and password editable in Dockerfile? How Docker volumes come into play here?

So far, I created on AWS an RDS instance with 4 databases (ckan, ckan_test, datastore and datastore_test) and 2 users (ckan and datastore_ro) with the former having read and write access to all the databases while datastore_ro has only read access to datastore* databases. I updated the env vars accordingly. But I still don't understand if this would entirely replace the db service or they're two completely different components?

Pointers to any helpful documentation will be appreciated!


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