I need to build theory for this school project - AI algorithm that could identify with some probability - glaucoma/cataract. My question is - where to get data? This should be existing data, preferably from some open source. The project assumes that we could for example cooperate with some research unit, basically we can assume anything that is within the bounds of common sense - this may be important - we play the role of company that produces Advanced OCT Solutions. We need to feed the algorithm with photos of healthy eyes and of eyes with glaucoma/cataract. And the photos have to be labeled. Any ideas guys?

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  • There was a publicly funded German research project about combining text-Mining and DeepLearning of OCT imagery: TOPOS which had a few academic and commercial partners . Sorry the page is German only, and the data (s. slide 17) is not really open. Maybe you can find something there nevertheless. – knb Jun 17 at 15:01
  • Thank you guys. If someone has sth more, please comment :) – Caban Jun 21 at 8:16

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