I'm trying to scrap all the historical filings of a particular Central Index Key (CIK) using python but I get http error codes.

First, I got 403 error, I resolved by using requests session and timing the requests every 5 seconds.

Now, I get http 400 after processing 30-40 requests. Not sure how to resolve this.

I have set the user-agent field as well.


If you are scraping successfully but then it stops working, then you are getting your IP address blocked. This is an anti-scraping measure done by the server.

You'll need to slow down your scraping with a sleep statement (or switch IP addresses).

Here is a basic example: https://stackoverflow.com/a/46471556/2327328

But you can also devise more robust solutions, that use python's while to check for a valid status code, and if not, then sleep an increasing amount of time.

  • I tried with a 5min interval and still it fails..I believe they are blocking it. – user1050619 Jun 11 at 20:54

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