I trying to figure out how to know which drug product is a reference listed drug (RLD).

Let's take for an example following spl_set_id:


I can see that three of six products have "reference_drug": "Yes". This should be a flag that marks drug product as RLD.

Question: How can I find related spl_set_id for the particular product since in the response I have three of them in the spl_set_id array?


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I'm Violet with the openFDA team. This one is a bit tricky as it deals with the harmonized data contained in the openfda object. The drugs@FDA endpoint contains the field application_number, which is what it uses to link to other openFDA endpoints and populate the openfda object through the process we label harmonization. To find which spl_set_id is linked to each product, you'll need to do some detective work with other endpoints, namely drug/label & drug/ndc - searching by spl_set_id. Alternatively, you can search for the details of those spl_set_ids on DailyMed, which already incorporates data from multiple sources into its results.

Sorry I don't have an easier approach for you!

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