We are looking for a tool that plugs into a database (SQL) and help us query and visualize results dynamically, building monitoring dashboards and dynamic queries.

Any good tool out there?

  • It's not cheap, but Tableau does all those things out of the box. You can use Tableau Public for free, but then your data is really "open". – philshem Apr 15 '14 at 8:26
  • Also, I think if you expand your question, it might get more specific answers. Are you commercial or non-commericial, looking for open source, free, paid, etc? – philshem Apr 15 '14 at 8:27
  • Agree with philshem, can you expend also on the level of coding you are willing to invest (ie. are you looking for a ready to use tool or visualization libraries?) – magdmartin Apr 15 '14 at 15:00

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