Is there some centralized or streamlined source of data release schedules for major U.S. government agencies? Something that combines sources such as the BLS Schedule of Data Release, ACS Data Release Dates etc.

Data.Gov tracks this type of thing retroactively and makes it easy to follow the newest releases, but I can't find a similar forward-looking record set.

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On Data.gov we haven't looked at trying to aggregate a forward-looking schedule. In general we encourage agencies to release data as quickly as possible. Some data releases occur on a very regular basis, but there is often some fluctuation based on the internal approval processes. I expect as agencies respond to the actions to comply with the new Open Data Executive Order http://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2013/05/09/executive-order-making-open-and-machine-readable-new-default-government- it will be easier to create such a list.

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