In the OSHA data, there is the Inspection table. It has two sets of address fields:

  • estab_name, site_address, site_city, site_state, site_zip.
  • mail_street, mail_city, mail_state, mail_zip.

Which of these is the business being inspected--regardless of the site where it actually happened?

For example, if Pete's Plumbing is doing work at Barb's Bakery, and some kind of accident or injury happens, such that Paul who works for Pete's Plumbing gets injured, then the accident, injury, and inspection should all be around Pete's Plumbing, not Barb's Bakery. Yet the location was, in fact, Barb's Bakery and may also be encoded in one of those address sets above.

In that example, which of the two sets of location fields would show Pete's Plumbing, and which would show Barb's Bakery?

Our main concern is to not be critical of Barb's Bakery if it was, in fact, Pete's Plumbing that was doing the work and had all accountability for safety.


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