Does anybody know where I can find some sample data to use as stub data for my application to test with I don't want it to be just random strings and numbers?

I was originally going to user Microsoft "Ready for Windows" list but this appears to have vanished. I'm looking for a list of Software with Vendor, Application Name and Version e.g. (Mozilla, Firefox, 85.0).

In terms of quantity as many as possible (thousands if possible) and format doesn't really matter as I can write some code to deal with that.



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You can generate the data yourself :-)

If you know a bit about JavaScript and Node programming: take a look at the free "Faker.js" third-party library.

Scroll down on the Faker.js GitHub page to see what categories of fake data can be generated (Fake Addresses, Computer Lingo, Business-Gibberish, Lorem-Ipsums, Dates...)

I think there are implementations of Faker.js available in other languages,e.g. Perl and Python. Or rather it was the other way around . JavaScript implementation came second.

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