Various people have made various Bitcoin price predictions, and continue to make them. There are webpages which talk about them in English text, but where is one which has it in a computer-parseable format?

I want such a thing so that I can automatically insert these predictions into my calendar and "Bitcoin overview" thing which is a big table that I stare at every day with Bitcoin prices.

That is, something like:

2021-05-04,Elon Musk,120000
2021-08-11,Kevin O'Leary,380000
2022-01-01,Goldman Sachs,18000000

Does such a thing exist? It would be very nice to always be able to "look ahead" to see what various people/entities predicted. Some kind of community effort or dedicated person keeping this up to date as new predictions come in, etc. I'm not going to sit and read web articles talking about predictions, but if I had this data like this, or something similar, I would have a chance to follow these predictions and look forward and hope for them to come true.

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