I am using a query like the following one https://api.fda.gov/drug/label.json?search=effective_time:[20110601+TO+20121231]&limit=1 to search for all records with effective_time between Jun 01, 2011, and Dec 31, 2012

But, is there any way to fetch the records updated/created from a certain date?

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Please note that there are no "updates" to drug labels in the traditional sense -- any change in labeling information requires issuance of a new version of the SPL document. effective_time serves as a "creation date" for that particular version.

I think you can still rely on the effective_time field in your searches but also look at the value of the version field. Value of 1 would indicate "creation" in the traditional sense (initial issuance of the drug label), while values higher than 1 would indicate "updates". For example, here is a query for drug labels created since the beginning of the year:


Hope this helps.

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