I am looking for a dataset containing customer reviews (can be about hotels, restaurants, movies...) to build an algorithm able to detect arguments (premises, evidences...) in a given review and the relation between them.

My research leads me to this hotel reviews dataset.

However, it does not seem available for download.

Is there any public customer reviews dataset for argument detection or anything close?


Customer Support on Twitter: This Kaggle dataset includes more than 3 million tweets and responses from leading brands on Twitter.

Relational Strategies in Customer Service Dataset: A dataset of travel-related customer service data from four sources. Conversation logs from three commercial customer service VIAs and airline forums on TripAdvisor.com during the month of August 2016.

Ubuntu Dialogue Corpus: Consists of nearly one million two-person conversations from Ubuntu discussion logs, used to receive technical support for various Ubuntu-related issues. The dataset contains 930,000 dialogs and over 100,000,000 words.

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