I am interested in learning data and in understanding health. I have listened to a lot of Robert Lustig, M.D. the past several months. I know about Framingham's study and the China Study and Ancel Key's work.

I was wondering if the data for any of these is available.

My goal is to do multivariate linear regressions on the data available and find what is to be found.

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The free MIT Online Course "The Analytics Edge" used a subset of the Framingham study in their Unit 3 as an introduction to Linear Regression. (1 Table, 4000 rows, ~20 columns, no NAs).

You can enroll and see if they still use that example, as they did in 2015.

Otherwise take a look at the NHANES dataset - that's the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey of the USA. But with this dataset you'll have to do a lot more preprocessing (because of the many NAs).

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