Does anybody know a multi-country data source on travel warnings?

I've data sources that cover general travel restrictions during Corona, and data of travel from one country (Country specific information for travellers using opendata api/dataset), but not a more comprehensive data source of country-wise travel warnings.


One resource that may work:


This API provides you with a daily updated list of country advisories. These advisories contain a risk value which describes how dangerous a country is from a travellers perspective. This data is available for every country and as fresh as this website.

They don't require a key, but ask for fair-use and attribution.

You can get a list of all countries: https://www.travel-advisory.info/api - which returns 238 country results.

I made a sample request:


And this is the response (basic, but should be complete for all countries)

         "note":"The api works, we could match requested country code.",
            "message":"Switzerland has a current risk level of 4 (out of 5). We advise: Please reconsider your need to travel to Switzerland.",
            "updated":"2020-12-04 08:25:17",

If you go to the specific country page, e.g. https://www.travel-advisory.info/switzerland, then you'll see more details of the warning. But I don't think the API has that info.

  • Thanks, this is helpful (+1), but what I was looking to have different travel warnings of each country. I believe this data is not openly available, at least I did not find it
    – Papayapap
    Feb 11 at 10:09

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