I'm looking for a manually curated thesaurus/synonyms file for Simplified Chinese. Like the English Moby thesaurus, but in simplified Chinese. Does such a thing exist?

I'm aware that WordNet can be used to obtain synonyms, but, in English at least, it is not very comprehensive.

To clarify:

I need it to be manually/human curated, not based on statistical similarity as I am already doing cosine similarity based on a large corpus, and this is intended to be an additional check.

It needs to be an offline data file so I can use it for automatic processing.

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The following tools/ websites seems to do what you are looking for:

However, if you are looking for data then maybe you can use the following data from this project chatopera / Synonyms .

Finally, the following post: Is there a Chinese WordNet? from https://chinese.stackexchange.com seems to provide more materials/ resources related to your search, so it is worth checking.

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