I'm looking for an eCommerce dataset, which works with implict data and should be suitable for a neuronal network. This dataset should be equivalent to the Spotify Million Playlist Dataset Challenge (please see below) enter image description here

Instead of the tracks, there should be the order with different articles. The dataset that I'm looking for should be:

"order": [
                   "orderid": "01", 
                   "order_at": 1493424000, 
                   "num_articels": 5,
                   "price": 120.85 
                   "articels": [
                           "pos": 0, 
                           "articel_name": "Apple", 
                           "articel_id": "articel1545", 
                           "price": 12.45, 
                   "amount": 2, 
                           "pos": 0, 
                           "articel_name": "Banana", 
                           "articel_id": "articel1585", 
                           "price": 5.45, 
                   "amount": 1, 

It doesn't matter if json, csv or other formats.

Does someone know a dataset that is similar to what I'm looking for? Thanks for suggestions, ideas and answers!

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