I'm looking for open databases representing a tree data structure. I've already found the animal taxonomy, which is a perfect use case, but I'm looking for further open databases, focusing on a topic of commercial and/or scientific interest. I've found several databases representing a directed graph, but I have difficulty at finding databases representing a tree.


Check Wikipedia Category Tree


Wikidata Taxonomy. There is an hierarchy of "Instance of" P31 properties for each entity defined in Wikidata


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  • This is actually a DAG, but perhaps I'll be able to use it. Thank you! – ubercordes Oct 26 at 10:54

On Wikipedia you can see both proprietary and open source graph database. The open source graph databases: Neo4j, RedisGraph, TerminusDB, JanusGraph, Grakn Core.

On the website of Apache project TinkerPop, you can also see a longer list of graph databases (both open source and proprietary) it supports.

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  • What you suggest are DBMS, while I'm looking for databases. – ubercordes Oct 24 at 16:38

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