How would I track new FDA drug indications or other major changes each month?
Example Dupixent expanded its atopic dermatitis indication from 12 years + to 6 years + in May 2020.

How could I set up a CRON job to check for new indications each week or month? e.g. ' indications_and_usage ' family, 'purpose' parameter e.g. 'Other fields' family, 'recent_major_changes' parameter

Example Inquiry: https://api.fda.gov/drug/label.json?search=effective_time:[20110501+TO+20121231]&limit=1

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As you correctly said, you could set up a periodic job that runs the query and compares results looking for changes, additions, etc. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide guidance for configuring a particular tool for doing so, such as CRON. CRON has vast documentation available all over the Web, however.

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