Is there any way to find all occurrences of some file on the entire internet, as captured by the Internet Archive? I want to wildcard-search for a filename.

Of course, this doesn't make sense with basic filenames like index.php, but say you are looking for OOo_1.0.3.1_Win32Intel_install.zip but cannot find it anywhere using regular live search engines – can the Wayback Machine help with that? https://web.archive.org/web/*/*OOo_1.0.3.1_Win32Intel_install.zip e.g. would not not return anything. But it looks like it should: There is https://web.archive.org/web/20150411035821/http://download.oldapps.com/OpenOffice/OOo_1.0.3.1_Win32Intel_install.zip.

And if not directly, maybe using the Python library? The documentation did not help out, neither did the Search Guide or the WM FAQ. Maybe there is a mirror for some kind of WA metadata database that you can download, so you can build your own queries? Did not find anything either.

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I now contacted the IA directly and Mark Graham kindly told me that this is impossible, as there is no fts url index.

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