I'm looking for a dataset of police car (or motorbike) chases containing for each chase as many following labels as possible:

  • date
  • start time and end time
  • start location and end location
  • path taken by the chased car
  • casualties (police, civilians, and crook)
  • type of car used by the crook
  • reason for fleeing
  • weather (especially temperature and precipitation)
  • number of policemen, police cars (with types of car), police choppers and other police vehicles involved
  • was it broadcasted live on TV?

I'm especially interested in the US.

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    I cannot say that this is an answer, that's why I put it in a comment. Here is a report for a dataset almost similar with yours. They use data from IACP Police Pursuit Database. Maybe if you read the report, you will find something usefull pursuitsafety.org/images/IACP%20Pursuits.pdf
    – Tasos
    Mar 18, 2014 at 7:50

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Suffolk Police Department's annual reports document most of this data, but only for a couple of years. pretty sure they have it for 2006-2008 or 2009. you'll have to check, but the data is there:

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