I'm building a store and I need to calculate the sales tax at checkout only for clients that reside in California. I looked for an API, but all of them charge a monthly fee. Seeing as I only need this for one state, I would be better off with a simple mapping based on zip codes. Any ideas?

  • Closest I can offer is Tax rate by City & County - cdtfa.ca.gov/taxes-and-fees/sales-use-tax-rates.htm Look for the download header, check out the latest Excel sheet (you can import it in Google sheets) - it will need you to clean up the headers. You could try finding a Zipcode -> City sheet and use that as a helper.
    – Allister
    Nov 4, 2020 at 18:00

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Avalara (at this time) offers a free download by state which includes zip codes and a breakdown of the tax amounts.


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